4 Easy Steps On How To Start Earning As A Publisher

Emmanuel Olatunji
Emmanuel OlatunjiSupport Manager
Updated: 25 February 2023
4 Easy Steps On How To Start Earning As A Publisher

Over the ten years that we have been rocking the crypto advertising world, we have welcomed hundreds of thousands of publishers and are ready to have you come on board and get a share of our sweet advertising budget pie! Many publishers earn yearly from our ad network, and the earnings are not pegged, so are withdrawals.

Before we proceed with the steps, I'd like to explain the meaning of being a Publisher. 

A Publisher is an individual who owns digital content or audience, including apps or websites. When the owner offers up space within the property for external ads, also known as ad inventory, it becomes an Ad Publisher.

The main reason why Publishers offer space on websites or apps is for monetization. Publishers will then receive income when advertisements are shown on their websites. If you want to earn with AADS as a Publisher, you must follow the steps and meet the criteria.

Here is the two-criteria checklist to pass before you can be a Publisher on AADS:

  1. You need to have a website or an application audience or traffic
  2. You need to have genuine traffic. We do not accept fake traffic

We retain a fixed 20% fee on any advertising budget, while the rest goes to our Publishers. You are entitled to 50% of our fee if new advertisers come with your affiliate link.

Now let’s check how to earn as a Publisher:

1. Create Your Account

Go to this page, aads.com, at the top right corner, click Sign up and input your email. Your password will be sent to your email then you can log in with it.

2. Create an Ad Unit

Creating an ad unit takes only a few minutes. Here you get the code embedded in the website or application. 

Click on create an ad unit on the homepage or click here.

Step 1. Select the ad unit type, which can either be a website or an application, according to what you have.

Step 2. Select the ad unit dimension or size you want. Please take note of the space on your website or application before selecting a size to make sure that it can fit into the available space on your website or application.

Step 3. Input the page URL. They are a website, webpage, or application page you want the ad unit to be on.

3. Place your Ad Unit code

Placing your ad unit code on your website and blog requires a guide. Please read this on how to place ad unit code.

4. Set Up Your Withdrawal Details

Сlick here and follow the instructions on how to set up your funds.

Kindly Note

We are not a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression network. We distribute Advertisers' budgets to ad units targeted by them concerning various metrics. 

The one thing that helps to earn with us is a "unique impression."

The more you have, the better your earning prospects as long as your traffic is good. Advertisers can also reward ad units for beneficial actions performed by their visitors.

We do not guarantee earnings as earnings are based on the factors listed below:

- Number of unique impressions

- Number of unique clicks

- Advertising campaigns that target your ad unit

- Content filters defined for the ad unit

- Ad unit display rate

- Size and location of an ad unit on a website page

- The quality of traffic

If you have any issues creating an ad unit, please get in touch with the support team.

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