Simple and Secure: Why we chose HTML code for ad unit placement

Micheal George
Micheal GeorgeAnalytics & Marketing Manager
Updated: 25 April 2024
Simple and Secure: Why we chose HTML code for ad unit placement

The code for embedding the A-ADS ad unit consists of simple and short HTML code, which is easy to embed in any website and does not compromise the security of the site and its users. 

Here's what the HTML code for embedding the ad unit looks like:

Ease of Implementation and Control

The simplicity of HTML ensures that you can quickly and efficiently place ads without extensive programming knowledge.

Our code for banner ads is light, meaning it doesn’t significantly impact the loading times of your website. This is crucial for maintaining a good user experience, as slow-loading pages can drive visitors away and negatively affect search engine rankings.

HTML is universally supported across all web browsers and devices, ensuring that your ads will display correctly no matter where or how your website is accessed. This broad compatibility helps in reaching a wider audience seamlessly.

HTML allows for precise control over the placement and appearance of ads. You can easily customize the size, alignment, and other visual aspects of your ads directly within the HTML structure, which can be vital for maintaining the aesthetic and functional consistency of your website.

Security and Reliability

One of the most important reasons why we choose HTML code is its security. HTML is generally considered to be more secure than, for example, JavaScript for several reasons:

Static Nature 

HTML is used mainly for structuring content on the web and doesn't involve dynamic functionalities, which reduces the vectors through which attacks can occur. In contrast, JavaScript is used to create interactive and dynamic features on web pages, which opens up various possibilities for security vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XSS) and other client-side exploits.

No Code Execution

HTML does not have the capability to execute code, which inherently makes it less vulnerable to security issues that arise from code execution such as XSS attacks, where malicious scripts are injected into web pages.

Control and Visibility

JavaScript's flexibility and control over the Document Object Model (DOM) make it a powerful tool but also expose it to risks where attackers could manipulate DOM elements maliciously. JavaScript also interacts with user data and system resources more extensively, which can lead to unintended script execution if not properly managed.

Dependencies and Complexity

JavaScript often relies on numerous third-party libraries and frameworks, which can introduce hidden vulnerabilities if these dependencies are not properly managed or audited. The more complex the code and the more extensive the dependencies, the higher the risk of security vulnerabilities.

For the reasons listed — ease of use, ease of control, and high security — you can be assured that you are using the best solution for embedding an ad unit on your website. When using programming languages outside of the A-ADS advertising network, be cautious and consider the risks in relation to your website and its users.

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